Adjustment & Financial Benevolence – Jun 1

Thu, Jun 1, EST

At 3:31pm Mars at 7:00 Leo Quincunx Saturn at 7:00 Pisces.

An adjustment aspect between our motivations for fun, entertainment and romance and our need to isolate and ruminate about things. Saturn in Pisces is dissolving our old public authority structures and careers. Mars is seeking to have more fun. Maybe the adjustment here is in letting go of our old ‘grind’ and seeking more fun and creativity. Can we learn to create by tapping into our subconscious minds and not having to slave away so much?

At 8:42pm Jupiter at 3:27 Taurus Conjuncts the North Node at 3:27 Taurus.

Taurus is the natural 2nd House of wealth, fixed earth assets, available resources/food, luxury and comfort. Jupiter is bringing a global, spiritual and optimistic approach to the ways we deal with wealth and resources. Jupiter expands things and makes us feel very fortunate. The North Node is a Soulful mathematical point that helps us understand 5D applications of the Sign the North Node is Transiting. The North Node has been in Taurus for almost the 18 months of his usual stay. On Jul 17 he will enter Aries. We have already had the first Solar Eclipse in Aries that is signalling the shift of the Eclipse cycle. While the NN begins to wrap up all the 5D lessons of Taurus, we can expect to see more metal and asset-backed wealth come to the forefront. Jupiter is benevolence and wants everyone to feel wealthy, healthy and loved while he is in Taurus for the next year.

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