Financial Hand of Merlin – Jun 5/6

Mon, Jun 5, EST, pm

At 8:28pm the Sun at 15:05 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 0:05 Aquarius.

Venus just Opposed Pluto at the same degree and minute so now we are getting some conscious clarity around what Pluto Rx is up to. We are still new to the energy of Pluto in Aquarius so every aspect helps. The Sun is clarifying here. The Ses-Square suggests we adjust to create an ease. Pluto is our shared resources and intimate situations. Aquarius rules groups, new acquaintances, social media and electrifying energies as well as unexpected flashes of insight and inspiration. Gemini rules our ‘seen’ world, local community, neighborhood, vehicles and siblings/cousins and classmates. Our goals and purpose are local right now and needs to adjust to our shared resources and new currency ideas.

Tue, Jun 6

At 1:58pm Venus at 1:07 Leo Biquintiles Saturn at 7:07 Pisces.

Saturn is slowing down for his Retrograde flip on Jun 17 at 7:13 Pisces. He is focusing us on our financial ‘old guard’. Those who have held the power are now feeling it slip away as Pisces dissolves the structures Saturn has initiated. This double-magic aspect from Venus has 2 personal wealth energies involved: Venus and Pisces as the new 2nd House ruled by Venus. As our old authorities, government and public structures are dissolved, we can have some creative new ways to acquire the things that we want and need. Most of our wealth is hidden and we must rely on faith, knowing and trust to relax into the new financial structures.

Over the next 36 hours Venus is moving through a Hand of Merlin, all 5D/magical and effortless energies. Venus Biquintiles Saturn now, then at 4:11am on Thu she will Quintile Uranus. Saturn and Uranus are within a 1.5 degree orb of a Quintile. This is an effortless (5D Quintile) changing (Uranus) of the old guard (Saturn). Uranus is Transiting in Taurus, the natural 2nd House. So Venus, Saturn and Uranus are ALL in a 2nd House/Taurus placement bringing fun and creative (Venus in Leo) new ways to acquire the things we want and need. Uranus is electrifying and bringing in Quantum digital solutions. Pisces requires BELIEVING in the new system that isn’t as ‘tangible’ as the old one.

This is the perfect window to IMAGINE (Pisces) new (Uranus) ways (Saturn) to manifest (Leo) our heart’s desires (Venus).

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