Karma is so Yesterday!

Many of you who follow this blog have attended my 3D-5D Seminar showing how the Universe conspired to RESOLVE our KARMA!! So if you are STILL in Karma, it is your own lack of awareness that is keeping you there. Or you are waiting for this Transit of the Sun through Pisces to clear away the cobwebs and start over at the Solar Eclipse.

I have so many more videos I want to do that continue showing all that has occurred in ways that ANYONE can begin to follow. Its not just kumba ye… its REAL, visible stuff that points the way. Its the MISSING LINK of SCIENTIFIC inquiry!

Yes, its THAT BIG!! So, today’s message is just GET OVER KARMA… stare in the FACE… and SEE it and LET IT GO!! No harm, no foul to all parties!!!

THAT IS KARMIC RESOLUTION! Can you do it? Will you do it? Its done, just wake up to the fact:)

If you can’t hold onto this thought, be sure to watch these videos through a few times… it WILL sink in!

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