Mars & Sun Hit the Cardinal Cross-Apr 4

Snapshot: All day Tuesday we will be needing to adjust our desire to acquire with our philosophy for relating.

At 10:53pm Mars at 18:37 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 18:37 Libra.

If Mars isn’t frustrated enough being slowed down by Taurus’ Fixed Earth energy, he is about to have to adjust himself further to be more diplomatic and inclusive in his dealings with close friends, partners, seniors or foreigners. Venus rules both Mars and Jupiter at the moment so women should find men, or their own male energies, compromising to meet their needs.

But this is Mar’s 1st aspect towards one of the Planets/Dwarf Planets comprising the Grand Cardinal Cross. Over the next 2 weeks Mars will be meeting with ALL of them (Jupiter, Pluto, Eris, Uranus and Vesta) as well as Saturn, Neptune and Chiron. He will even aspect the Sun and Venus, but nothing will be heard from Mercury during this same time.

Interestingly, Mars is meeting all of the players from the Sign of Taurus so he is putting a different spin on the GCC from this position. Rather than Squares and Oppositions, he aspects will be Quincunxs, Trines, Biquintiles, Sextiles and Semi-Sextiles.

Besides all of Mar’s aspects to these Planets, the Sun will actually be IN the GCC from the Aries’ corner during these next 2 weeks.  The Sun’s clarity will help us to see what the Great Gear Shift has been accomplishing and we can better establish goals and find a purpose to move forward with.

But in the midst of these 2 weeks, Mercury will Station Retrograde unaspected on Apr 9th at 4:51 Taurus and we won’t really hear from him until the Sun and Mars have made all these aspects and Mercury Conjuncts the Sun at 0:20 Taurus on Apr 20th. This means Mercury will be set to ingress Aries again right after meeting the Sun. He will Rx to 24:16 Aries before he Stations Direct on May 4th.

Mercury’s silence through all of the aspects from the Sun and Mars to the Outer Planets provides a great opportunity to focus on the clarity and our motivations. It will make it easy to FEEL the Sun and Mars relative to each of the other Planets.

There are other aspects Mercury will be making though they are not ones I often write about. If time allows, I will try to add them into the Daily Aspects here as we may learn to FEEL less common aspects as well.

Oh, and Saturn Stations Retrograde on Thursday (EST) at 27:48 Sagittarius as he returns to Square Chiron on Apr 30th. But Saturn is well aspected over the next 2 weeks.

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