Daily Aspects – Oct 26 – Clarity and Words as Moon Goes Full

By Monday night, we will be moving into the heightened emotional time of a Full Moon. The Moon will be at 3:45 Taurus and the Sun at 3:45 Scorpio at 8:05am on Tuesday morning. This puts the focus of this Full Moon across the axis of the 2 ‘Money Houses’. Taurus is your own money and resources and Scorpio is other peoples’ resources that you use. There is likely to be some ending here along this axis or a culmination of some sort. When the Full Moon precedes the New Moon in a Sign, there is a strange combination of energies that isn’t as straight forward. On Nov 11 we will have the New Moon in Scorpio which will bring a ‘fresh start’ to your intimacy and sharing of resources. But the next 2 weeks are about some ending or culmination in that same Sign.

Leading up to the Full Moon we will have clarity (Sun) and communication or ideas (Mercury) that will help us see what the next 2 weeks hold. Following the Full Moon, Venus jumps into the mix showing us something about our desires and our own resources from work or service that we are busy doing right now.

But on Monday, we have 3 aspects to focus on.

At 12:31am the Sun at 2:26 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Retrograde at 17:26 Pisces. We may have the clarity around this aspect on Sunday night, but it will be some clarifying feeling about a Soul-Level pain. With the Sun in aspect to Chiron, it is pretty easy to ‘see’ how our wounding issues have made us who we are and from that perspective move into some gratitude for the wounding. That is the best answer for anything you feel Sunday night or Monday morning. Stay in gratitude. It will be some subconscious issue about how you share yourself (intimately or honestly) in exchange for the use of other peoples’ money. Scorpio is deep and the pain that is there is likely something you have experienced over multiple lifetimes. So its always good to see things from the Soul’s perspective (Chiron) and realize (Sun) it was an experience you chose to have.

At 2:39am Mercury at 18:28 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 3:28 Sagittarius. Again, this could come in ahead of the exact aspect or over, but it is words or ideas (Mercury) around your relating-ship (Libra) that holds you accountable to your ‘spiritual’ philosophy (Sagittarius). If you are very irritated, this is a Karmic response and you have some work to do to resolve it. If you have been too possessive or not been reciprocal in the give and take of things, Saturn can be quite irritating. If you have been accountable, there is a guiding hand from Saturn that can keep everything on track.

At 10:44pm that evening, Mercury at 19:49 Libra Semi-Sextiles Mars at 19:49 Virgo. Here the words and ideas (Mercury) will be backed up with action (Mars) to serve (Virgo) someone you are relating to (Libra). This is a productive aspect that may well be a result of Saturn’s accountability that morning.

Mercury will only be in Libra until Nov 2 and right now he is Transiting the degrees where the North Node has been Transiting since Feb 18, 2014. Words spoken between now and Nov 2 may be taking us back through the early lessons of the North Node in Libra and helping us to absorb the Soul-Level lessons into our conscious mind. The purpose is to help us realize a new way of ‘relating’ that is less possessive because we are free of the separation consciousness of 3D ‘reality.’

Soon Venus will move through Libra, the Sign she rules, and help us realize how our desires are now aligning with the Soul-Level lessons here.

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